Austin Wells… Our Birth Story

I can’t believe how quickly the weeks have flown by with a newborn and a toddler! We are 6 weeks already! Austin is a little dreamboat, I am utterly obsessed with his little dinosaur squeaks and the way he scrunches up his eyebrows! Before it even started Long before the […]

Where’s my mojo gone? 8 steps to winter wellness

WORDS: Jessica Scott-Young | Nutritionist Constantly tired? Don’t feel refreshed? Feel like one more request or commitment will tip you over the edge? It is fair to say, you are likely struggling with burnout. If you are feeling exhausted, depleted and mentally distant, you are not alone. We are all […]

Stress, cognition and herbal therapy

WORDS: Tamara Welsh | Western Herbal Medicine What comes to mind when you think about stress and its impact on cognition? Interestingly, short-term episodes of stress can actually increase cognitive function allowing us to react in an appropriate way, quickly and concisely to the stressor. I’m sure you’ve heard of […]