Embracing the season, mindful eating for a cozy autumn

WORDS: LUCIA LOPEZ MARINO A few years ago, a friend and nutritionist colleague suggested a book on mindful eating that completely transformed my approach to nourishment. Until then, I hadn’t fully grasped the importance of being conscious while feeding ourselves. Over the last few years, I’ve deliberately cultivated this awareness, […]

6 signs your hormones need help

WORDS: Alyce Cimino | Naturopath Our Endocrine system is incredibly intricate, each and every day we are dealing with a delicate balance of rise and fall of hormones. The endocrine system is responsible for the release of hormones in our body, its role, amongst many other things is to influence […]

Why I add Sea Salt to my water

Words by Jessica Scott-Young | Nutritionist As an Australian based nutritionist, hydration is something I regularly talk to clients about, especially in the warmer months. After a recent trip to Adelaide where the thermostat climbed to over 40’C, I was reminded of the importance of good quality hydration. When I […]

How to lighten the load on your gut during times of stress:

Stress Series Part 3 of 3 – WORDS JESSICA SCOTT YOUNG | NUTRITIONIST If you are experiencing digestive symptoms and would like individualised support, please get in touch. I work with clients regularly to get to the bottom of their stress and digestive complaints using dietary modification, lifestyle techniques, nutraceutical […]

How to identify a stressed gut

Stress Series Part 2 of 3 – WORDS JESSICA SCOT YOUNG | NUTRITIONIST In today’s fast-paced society, stress has become a part of modern-day living. From work and financial pressures to relationships and poor lifestyle habits, stress can take a toll on both our mental and physical health. One area […]

What happens to our body in times of stress?

Stress Series Part 1 of 3 – WORDS JESSICA SCOTT YOUNG | NUTRITIONIST When the body is under stress, whether it be short-term acute stress (e.g. being cut off in traffic) or prolonged periods of chronic stress (e.g work stress, poor sleep, viral illness, unhealthy lifestyle habits etc), it triggers […]