How to identify a stressed gut

Stress Series Part 2 of 3 – WORDS JESSICA SCOT YOUNG | NUTRITIONIST In today’s fast-paced society, stress has become a part of modern-day living. From work and financial pressures to relationships and poor lifestyle habits, stress can take a toll on both our mental and physical health. One area […]

Furikake Seasoning

Recipe + Words: Alyce Cimino Food as medicine is one of my oldest loves, using food to not only nourish can be so simple to do, and this recipe is one of those simple things we can do to support our health in a big way. Seaweed is jam-packed full […]

Linda Barripp

Linda is passionate about living a life in harmony with the natural world. From a very young age Linda has talked to the plants, trees and animals, created all types of art and has learned and played a variety of musical instruments. Her parents instilled in her the gift of […]

Mung Bean Pasta Bowl + Pesto

Finding a little dinner inspiration after a long day at work can be far from fun. When choosing things to cook for dinner, it must tick a few boxes:    Healthy ✓      Quick ✓     Simple ingredients ✓    and Delicious ✓ T H E   P A S T A You […]

Buckwheat chia pudding

A Cold winter morning is the perfect time for warm nourishing meal. Here is my buckwheat chia pudding! rich in minerals and even a few amino acids to support your health, buckwheat is a must in everyone’s pantry. Don’t be fooled by its name- buckwheat contains zero wheat – it’s […]


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