Low Libido Getting You Down?

WORDS: Alyce Cimino | Lead Naturopath + Clinic Owner

Missing that fire and not sure where to find it? here is the starting point! Our libido is there for connection (and if we are getting all caveman, it’s there for procreation) when we are under long-term stress (either acute or chronic) our libido is usually one of the things that suffers! so we need to go find it and give that fire a little bit of oxygen.


+ ADRENAL SUPPORT: when we support the adrenal gland and nervous system, we are working on the conversion of cholesterol into testosterone rather than cortisol, the stress hormone! for this reason, sleep health also plays a vital role in boosting libido.⁠

+ ENDOCRINE SYSTEM: it’s time to look at the thyroid and all the hormones. While women don’t have nearly as much testosterone as men, we do need enough to support our libido. Changes to our hormones as we age; ie a decline in perimenopause and menopause can also be a contributor.⁠

+ NUTRIENTS: along with supporting your nervous system we want to ensure that your overall nutrient status is nice and happy.⁠

+ CIRCULATION: we want to get the blood flowing. move your body in a way that brings happiness, bring blood to the area, and connect with your partner or with yourself using fun toys like @mylbdo . warming herbs such as ginger, cinnamon, chili, and turmeric can also assist (all eaten not used topically, obviously!).⁠

+ HERBAL MEDICINE: we have herbs for a WIDE range of uses, and some of them are brilliant at enhancing libido!⁠ Some of the herbs to support libido include horney goats weed, damiana, Shatavari, rhodiola in addition to nervous system herbs such as passionflower, saint johns wort, lemon balm (but not limited to). herbal medicine should only be prescribed by a qualified practitioner, do not self prescribe as you may create more disbalance than you intend to.

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