Alyce Cimino is a Northern Beaches local, Mum to Huxley and Austin. Alyce has a passion for wholefood nutrition and herbal medicine to support women health needs. Alyce is a degree-qualified Naturopath (BHs Naturopathy) and founder of AHARA HEALTH. It was her dream to encourage others to use food as medicine, support health and boost wellbeing and vitality. Alyce believes that good health starts with delicious food, that small changes can a make big impact to our overall wellbeing and that wholefood nutrition is one of the most important building block for wellness.

As part of her consultation, Alyce uses Western Herbal Medicine, integrative testing, and Nutritional Medicine to create individualised health programs for her clients.

Alyce has over 10 years of experience in her field, she has a special interest in women’s health, hormonal health, endometriosis and PCOS, preconception care, pregnancy and postpartum health. Alyce believes every woman has the right to feel happy and vibrant.

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Tamara Welsh is a Clinical Western Herbal Medicine Practitioner, mum of two children and northern beaches local. She has a love for the ocean and has a special interest in family health, women’s health and pregnancy care.

Tamara believes that by making small and consistent changes we can constantly fine-tune our health for ultimate vitality. Her practice style is relaxed and compassionate and she has a particular interest in how our tribal ancestors lived, how this differs to our modern lifestyle and the impact of this on our biology and health.

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Jessica Scott Young is a clinical nutritionist and northern beaches local. Jess lived in the UK for several years supporting individuals’ nutritional dietary and lifestyle needs. Jess loves food as medicine, having created her own Pate recipe which she now sells to further support client’s gut needs.

Jessica has a special interest in gut health, thyroid health and mood disorders such as anxiety. 

Jessica is now offering meal diary analysis where she provides on-the-spot tailored nutrition analysis and review. Where this was previously provided as part of an in-depth consultation, this is now a separate option for people who just need a little bit of inspiration for food choices specific to their health needs.

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