How to lighten the load on your gut during times of stress:

Stress Series Part 3 of 3 – WORDS JESSICA SCOTT YOUNG | NUTRITIONIST If you are experiencing digestive symptoms and would like individualised support, please get in touch. I work with clients regularly to get to the bottom of their stress and digestive complaints using dietary modification, lifestyle techniques, nutraceutical […]

How to identify a stressed gut

Stress Series Part 2 of 3 – WORDS JESSICA SCOT YOUNG | NUTRITIONIST In today’s fast-paced society, stress has become a part of modern-day living. From work and financial pressures to relationships and poor lifestyle habits, stress can take a toll on both our mental and physical health. One area […]

What happens to our body in times of stress?

Stress Series Part 1 of 3 – WORDS JESSICA SCOTT YOUNG | NUTRITIONIST When the body is under stress, whether it be short-term acute stress (e.g. being cut off in traffic) or prolonged periods of chronic stress (e.g work stress, poor sleep, viral illness, unhealthy lifestyle habits etc), it triggers […]

Soothing The Nervous System with GABA

It’s the end of the year and we are seeing the burnout, hearing the hyperstimulation, the fatigue, the heightened moods and the fried nervous systems. Our body’s are asking for a breath of fresh air, to slow down the nervous system so we can bring clarity. Clinically we have been […]

How to Nourish and Thrive this Winter

It’s Winter, a time to love up, rug up and stay warm. Here are a few tips from our Herbalist, Tamara to keep you nourished and vibrant this winter. Give back to yourself Winter is a unique time where we can spend some time reflecting and dropping in. The first […]