I know, how delicious! These took only seconds to make and they would not be more delicious! Exactly the little sweet pick me up that goes perfect with an afternoon chai or nibbled on the run when you’re needing that tincy bit of a boost but your naturopath won’t let […]

Low Libido Getting You Down?

WORDS: Alyce Cimino | Lead Naturopath + Clinic Owner Missing that fire and not sure where to find it? here is the starting point! Our libido is there for connection (and if we are getting all caveman, it’s there for procreation) when we are under long-term stress (either acute or […]

Perimenopause – what are the signs?

WORDS: Alyce Cimino Lead Naturopath It feels like everyone is talking about perimenopause right now – and we are HERE FOR IT! Perimenopause can be a tricky one, physically things are starting to change but when you look at the pathology/the blood work things can APPEAR normal and yet you […]

B12 – Are you getting enough?

WORDS ALYCE CIMINO | Lead Clinical Naturopath The past few weeks we are seeing a trend in the clinic… we are seeing far too many women with suboptimal B12 levels in their pathology results! B12 isn’t always routinely checked by GP’s (though it should be!) and yet it’s can affect […]