Alyce opened the AHARA HEALTH clinic in 2018 and is a nurturing force and a dedicated advocate for women’s health. Alyce is a mother of two boys and, specialises in the intricate world of hormonal health, nervous system wellbeing, stress response, preconception, and postpartum wellbeing.

Featured in publications such as Wellbeing Magazine, Grazia Magazine, Russh Magazine, and Women’s Health, Alyce’s expertise shines through her insightful contributions and innovative approaches to health and healing.

At the core of Alyce’s practice is the foundation belief in the power of wholefood nutrition and the transformative benefits of small, sustainable lifestyle adjustments. Alyce guides her clients toward lasting changes that resonate far beyond the confines of their initial consultation.

Alyce’s collaborative ethos extends beyond the boundaries of her practice, as she actively engages with fellow practitioners, including general practitioners, to ensure comprehensive and integrative care for her clients. Her arsenal includes a range of advanced pathology testing, providing a nuanced understanding of each individual’s unique health journey.

In the hands of Alyce, women find not just a practitioner, but a compassionate ally, a wellspring of knowledge, and a guiding light towards vibrant, flourishing health.

When Alyce is away from the clinic you can find her down the beach playing with her children, or searching for a new produce market or delicious recipe to try at home.

Alyce’s areas of interest include:

  • Womens health – all aspects to supporting healthy women
  • Preconception care and postpartum care
  • Pregnancy and fertility
  • Adrenal support; stress and anxiety support
  • Female hormones and associated conditions: PCOS, Endometriosis, painful periods, irregular cycles
  • Food as medicine: using food to nourish the body and mind.
  • General wholefood nutrition, using food to feel happy and well, specific diets including gluten free, diary free, AIP…


  • ANTA member: 9622
  • Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy 2014. Endeavour College Sydney
  • Advanced Diploma Naturopathy. Australasian College of Natural Therapies
  • Certificate Fertility Pregnancy and Lactation. Cadence Health
  • Current Australian First Aid, CPR certification + working with children check

To find out more about alyce email or follow the link to book your individual appointment today.