Lucia is originally from Argentina and has been living in the northern beaches for the last 8 years. Lucia is a mum to a daughter, Indiana. Lucia is a Health Coach specialising in Holistic Nutrition and Women’s Health, with a background in yoga and Ayurveda.

As part of her consultations, Lucia integrates Ayurveda and Western medicine. While she focuses on your diet and nutrition, her primary goal is to help you build a healthy relationship with yourself, learn to make conscious and healthier decisions, and enjoy real food. Lucia will teach you how to create balanced plates and meals that provide your body with all the necessary nutrients to help balance your energy levels, improve sleep, enhance stress management abilities, and promote better hormonal and digestive health.

Additionally, Lucia will provide tools to help you balance stress, regulate your nervous system, and improve the quality of your sleep and rest.

Lucia believes in implementing and cultivating long-lasting habits that nurture your long-term health and happiness. She understands/acknowledges that nourishing your well-being extends beyond what’s on your plate; it’s a harmonious blend of body, mind, and emotions.


Adv Certificate of Nutrition & Health Coaching | Cadence health
Ayurveda Goodness Health Coaching | Bhakti Rose

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