Signs Your Nervous System is Overstimulated

WORDS: Alyce Cimino | Lead Naturopath

In today’s daily stresses, our body often screams for help, but we miss the signs it is trying to tell us. The thing is, that these symptoms do not just happen overnight, they happen slowly over a period of time, yet we are too busy with the everyday demands of life and we miss the symptoms.

It may be that you tick a few of these boxes, or hit every one of them. We need to listen to how we are feeling and work to resolve them, if not, symptoms will accumulate and worsen, and we will see them in other areas of our life, for women it is commonly as changes to our hormonal health.

  1. You are easily startled
  2. You are easily agitated and often impatient
  3. You are sensitive to loud noises
  4. You are easily overwhelmed in busy environments
  5. You cant sit and watch TV without reaching for your phone
  6. You have difficulty sticking to one task or concentrating on that task
  7. Your body feels tense (even sleep in a tight ball)
  8. You have trouble with decision-making and often feel overwhelmed
  9. You have sugar cravings
  10. You are tired all day and bursting with energy in the evening


1. First things first, you need to create time for yourself. To rest. To restore.

2. Support your body. This may be adaptogenic herbs such as Withania and Rehmannia, or it may be improving overall nutritional status with products like magnesium and zinc. Every person is different and therefore every treatment approach is different.

3. Bring on a hobby! give yourself permission to have time out and do something that brings you joy.

4. Breathe. really breath! lay down, put your hands on your stomach, and feel your breath.

5. EAT! Eat to nourish you body, eat to bring balance, eat to bring joy and nutrition back into the body.

Alyce x

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