It Starts With Preconception


we are utterly obsessed with preconception in the AHARA HEALTH clinic, and here is why!⁠

1. Preconception nutrient support and lifestyle changes improve both sperm and egg quality. therefore improving the likelihood of conception and a healthy pregnancy.⁠

2. Building up the nutrient stores for Mumma prior to conceiving supports the health outcomes of the pregnancy and can reduce nutrient loss as a result pregnancy itself (in particular for things such as iron, zinc, b12, folate, and vitamin d).⁠

3. Building up the nutrients stores for mumma supports bubs development as well. Babies utalise a lot of our nutrient stores. Babies use a lot of our stores, to support bubs brain development, hormones, microbiome, nutrient levels etc so we need to ensure we have enough not only to sustain ourselves but bub as well.

4. Happy nutrient levels prior and during the pregnancy reduce the risk of postnatal depletion and supports healing and recovery postpartum.⁠ There will be some loss due to high demands in the pregnancy for both Mumma and bubs, however if your tank is full rather than 1/2 full what you are left with at the end of the 9 months of pregnancy and breastfeeding will greatly differ.

5. Supporting nutrient levels of Mumma prior to pregnancy supports mood, energy, and even breastfeeding postpartum.⁠

. . . ⁠


Ideally, we want to start a min of 3 – 6 months prior to trying to conceive – this is for both men and women, however the longer the support the better!⁠

all the AH practitioners have a special interest in preconception and postpartum care, if you are thinking about growing your family now is the time to book in, get your blood work done, have a good GP on board and start building your nutrient stores!

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