Sunday tips for a healthy week!

Let’s be honest, being healthy can take time and planning to make everything happen smoothly – my number one recommendation for a healthy lifestyle is to be prepared! These simple steps can make a world of difference when starting or enhancing a healthy lifestyle. 1. Create a meal plan : […]

Healing Spices

The weather is starting to cool and as we start to transition our body starts to crave warming foods, spices and teas (helllooooo every variety of Chai tea). This helps to warm us from the inside out. Cooking with fresh herbs and spices is one of the easiest way to naturally warm the digestive system. By […]

Beating those nasty sugar cravings

I know it’s not the first time hearing this, but added sugars simply do not benefit our health! Even though processed sugar can be cleverly disguised and often consumed without intention, sometimes we have those cravings that nothing but a chocolate brownie will fix. I do have a few tips […]

5 ways to eat healthy on a budget

Eating healthy often holds the connotation of being expensive. It is often surprising how the smallest changes can make the biggest difference! My 5 simple ways to eat healthily will help you save money but also encourage you to eat healthier. It will also get you back in the kitchen, […]

How to do that yoghurt dance

Doing our weekly shopping is becoming more a trip to an unknown land…As we walk down isle two of the supermarket we quickly reach for our winter woollies, beanie’s and gloves to combat the cold before embarking into the foreign language of yoghurt marketing…full cream, light, diet, sugar free, natural […]

Constipation : A road block no longer

Did you know…The average bowel transit time (for food to travel down the 9 meters of digestive track) is approx. less than 24 hours? Which should get you thinking how often do I make the trip down that road? Constipation is commonly experienced amongst men, women, children and animals alike! […]