Embracing the season, mindful eating for a cozy autumn


A few years ago, a friend and nutritionist colleague suggested a book on mindful eating that completely transformed my approach to nourishment. Until then, I hadn’t fully grasped the importance of being conscious while feeding ourselves. Over the last few years, I’ve deliberately cultivated this awareness, paying close attention to how I nourish myself and tuning into how my body and energy respond.

Consuming meals in front of the TV, computer, or while engrossed in our phones, whether walking, working, chatting with friends, or during meetings, without genuine awareness of what we’re ingesting, leads to a disconnection from the act of nourishing ourselves. This often results in overeating, rushed meals, poor digestion, and various health issues, such as indigestion, inflammation, and weight management difficulties.

Mindful eating goes beyond the mere physical act of feeding ourselves; it involves being fully present in the moment of consuming food. It teaches us to appreciate every aspect of the process involved in creating the food we eat.

When we embrace mindfulness in our approach to food and eating, the entire experience of nourishing ourselves undergoes a profound transformation. Our brain registers the act of nourishment, facilitating better nutrient absorption and providing us with increased energy. We feel more nourished, experience improved well-being, and reduce symptoms of inflammation, indigestion, and other gut issues associated with mindless eating.

Transitioning into autumn can be a challenge as our bodies naturally yearn for more grounding, nourishing, and comforting foods, even when the days still carry the warmth of summer.

Applying mindful eating principles to our connection with the season is crucial. Nature is inherently intelligent, and each season beckons us towards something different. In the case of autumn, it encourages us to slow down. With shorter days and diminishing warmth from the sun, mornings and evenings invite us to spend more time at home. Consuming grounding, comforting, and nutritious foods becomes essential for maintaining a warmer body temperature and kindling our digestive fire.

Root vegetables, grains, and legumes, especially those beneath the surface like ginger and turmeric, along with grounding spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin, and cardamom, contribute to warmth in our digestive system. Sweet foods like squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, beets, apples, pears, bananas, and dates are also vital. Additionally, don’t forget about green vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, spinach, and peas. Connecting with everything nature provides is crucial to staying in tune with it.

To enrich your transition into autumn , I’ll share a delicious and grounding Dahl recipe that I love preparing, particularly in the afternoon. The comforting aroma that fills my home as I prepared vegetables and spices, cooking the meal mindfully, and enjoying it at the table, is a nourishing experience. 

This wholesome meal aids in maintaining a healthy and strong digestive health, a clear mind, and ensures a restful night’s sleep, especially after a busy and active day.

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