How to Nourish and Thrive this Winter

It’s Winter, a time to love up, rug up and stay warm. Here are a few tips from our Herbalist, Tamara to keep you nourished and vibrant this winter.

Give back to yourself

Winter is a unique time where we can spend some time reflecting and dropping in. The first half of the year tends to be busy and involve a lot of outward energy. During Winter, we can slow a little and spend some time replenishing all that energy we have given out. Warm and nourishing foods are wonderful at filling up our cup but you could also begin to include herbal baths, steams and massages into your week. Fumigate your home with uplifting and warming herbs such as Rosemary, Rose, Cardamon or Cinnamon. Add some of your favourite herbal flowers to an Epsom salt bath. Massage an herbal infused oil in your bodacious bod. A Passionflower foot soak before bed is a wonderful way to induce a restful sleep.

Nourishing herbal teas

One of my favourite things about Winter is drinking herbal tea. It is such a delight to sip on a warm and nourishing cup of herbal tea on a cold and windy day. For a simple calming and nutritious blend try mixing together equal parts Nettle leaf, Oat Straw and Lemon Balm (you’ll find this blend on the Ahara health shelves). Alternatively come in and chat about a herbal tea that would suit your current needs.

Support Circulation and lymph flow

Naturally in Winter, we retreat indoors and become a little more sedentary. The days become shorter, so finding time to move our bodies can become a little challenging. Movement is essential to keep our blood circulating freely and our lymph flowing. It can help in Winter to turn to herbs that assist in stimulating circulation and lymph flow to keep the body well oxygenated and allow for detoxication and elimination. Herbs that help to stimulate our circulation include Ginkgo biloba, Rosemary, Ginger and Cayenne. Herbs that support our lymphatic system include Calendula, Echinacea root and Clivers. The best way to start to support lymph and blood flow is to include lots of warming herbs and spices into your meals.

Winter gardening

Many of us don’t think of Winter as being the time to get into the garden. However, Winter gardening can be wonderfully rewarding and help to lift our mood and Vitamin D levels, both of which can be lacking during this season. Winter is a time to plant new roses and feed winter vegetables to keep them growing strongly. In temperate and subtropical regions you can begin to sow seeds such as Calendula, Nasturtium and California Poppy directly into the ground. Gardening is a great way to keep us outdoors and in touch with the earth during the cooler months.

Open the heart and lift your mood

Winter can be a difficult time for some where low moods and stress can dominate leaving us feeling sluggish and unmotivated. It can help to find something that you love to do, perhaps a hobby or activity, even a song you love, that you can quickly turn to when your mood drops. Supporting our nervous system is so important to help uplift our being and keep us calm and focused. Some of our favourite nervine tonics include St John’s Wort, Damiana, Bacopa, Gotu kola, and Skullcap. These herbs can be blended specifically for you in the clinic to support you when you need.

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