Massage To Free The Body

Biodynamic Psychology believes that every human being has a whole & complete inner core, remaining unaffected by life’s turbulences, called the Primary Personality. Its counterpart, the Secondary personality, feeds on all life’s experiences, which make us suppress or distort our primary impulses of true self expression. Thus, over time, the way we present ourselves to the world is formed and crystallises in a person’s character and body posture.

There is a simple explanation of this process:

Let’s assume something frightening happens to a child. Its primary reaction would be either to scream, cry or run away out of fear; to hit, kick or shout out of anger; or maybe at the end of the experience to reach out for its mother out of the need for comfort.

The urge to express these feelings are not only psychological, they are very physical, mostly instinctual reaction in the automatic nervous system. It can be described as a movement of fluid or ‘life energy’ in the body. If the expression gets blocked, the fluid will not dissolve and cause waste in mind and body. Tension builds up in the muscles to hold back the physical expression. On the emotional level the child will feel frustrated, confused, unworthy, helpless and in deep stress.

This physical and emotional tension remains in the body and affects the nervous system long after the original urge has subsided and been forgotten. If this process is repetitive, armouring happens. Armouring means that a certain muscle or a group of muscles become so stuck in their expressions that a chronic blockage arises.

Clear your body, clear your mind, let go and move forward.

Massage for FREEDOM.


Words: Jessie Whittaker Massage Therapist @the_calmm

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