Breakfast Bowl

I recently posted up a variation of my breakfast bowl, but I thought it’s always nice to share another!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and hands down my favourite! I whipped this one up in 5 minutes as the eggs where boiling before work 🙂 It really is quick and easy!

This recipe is Gluten free, Dairy free, Paleo, Sugar free, Vegetarian

1 (or 2) soft boiled organic free range eggs
3/4 cup roughly chopped curly kale, pre washed
1/2 bunch/packet enoki mushrooms
2 tbsp kim chi/sauerkraut/feremented vegetables
1/4 – 1/2 avocado depending on its size

spices: turmeric, chili, cinnamon, cumin anything you like 🙂

1. in a small pot bring eggs to a boil.
2. while eggs are cooking, saute kale in a tiny bit of coconut oil and season with favouite herbs and spices. once cooked (similar texture to steaming) place into a bowl.
3.  In the same pan, add the enoki mushrooms with a tsp ghee, organic butter or balsamic vinegar. once cooked, remove from pan and add to bowl
4. once eggs are cooked, peal and add to bowl with avocado, feremented veg, a sprinkle of sesame seeds or savoury yeast flakes and enjoy

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