5 ways to eat healthy on a budget

Eating healthy often holds the connotation of being expensive. It is often surprising how the smallest changes can make the biggest difference! My 5 simple ways to eat healthily will help you save money but also encourage you to eat healthier. It will also get you back in the kitchen, experimenting with food – rekindling the love with food.

1. Farmers/growers markets: You might be surprised the price differences that you can find at a farmers market. By doing so, you will also eat seasonally which will save you money and support your health long term. TIP: Bring your own basket and your also lowering your wastes.

2. Start a Veggie garden: Every backyard, balcony, window, sunny room and kitchen bench are better off with some fresh herbs and Veggies growing there. Herbs don’t need to much sun to grown, and it’s also a brilliant way to get children into thinking about where their food comes from. *One bunch of kale at the markets $3. One packet of 6 seedlings $6 – many servings of kale chips*

3. Know your dirty dozen: These 12 fruits and Veg retain the most amount of chemicals, pesticides ect. Learn this list, know it well and choose organic produce that features on the dirty dozen.

4. Start from scratch: leave those rancid oils and high sugar products on the supermarket shelf! Head to your Health Food store and grab all the raw unprocessed ingredients to make your own. Not only do you know exactly what is in it you will also start to develop your healthy pantry. TIP: Where possible buy dried legumes and beans, soak and cook so that you not only have enough for dinner but you have enough to freeze for a later meal.

5. Think ahead: I encourage all my clients to sit down and create a meal plan – these are the meals you and the family are going to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. By doing so, you will naturally only purchase the ingredients you need and have fewer trips to the shops saving you on petrol too!

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