A Simple Snack

Sometimes we just need a quick, easy, delicious and nutritious snack! personally I am always a fan of the quick assemble, especially when jumping between clients, running errands or just day to day life.

This is not a difficult recipe by any means, but it can help to inspire. You can use any ingredients that you prefer, or change things up depending on what is in your pantry.

I have used smoked oysters in this example, smoked and fresh oysters are busting with iron, zinc, minerals and protein. These nutrients are easy for the body to absorb and enjoying them in their smoked form (in a good quality olive oil, be sure to read the back of the packet – no canola oil, or vegetable oil please) means that they are readily available.

Oysters and mussels are ideal for all age groups. As they are not fresh they are ok for pregnant women and breastfeeding women (with their own caution) due to their high nutrient count. They are also ideal for children as they are easy to hide in other cooking or in my experience are often enjoyed straight from the jar – especially young children. Their texture is very different from a fresh oyster, not slimy at all. The taste is also quite mild compared to the freshly caught option.


buckwheat crackers, rice cakes, wholeseed crackers …
smoked oysters
purple cabbage saurkraut

Other delicious toppings: smoked salmon steak, hemp seeds, olive oil, sprouts and microgreens, hummus, cashew cheese, boiled egg… the list is really endless.


  1. choose your ingredients, layer them up and enjoy straight away

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