Abdominal Massage to Support Pre, During & Post Baby

The health benefits of massage are numerous and has the potential to improve your quality of life for many reasons, but have you thought how it can also impact your fertility?

Throughout history, massage has been used across cultures as a primary support for mothers and babies. It is an extremely helpful modality and provides many benefits for the body in preparation for conception, during pregnancy and beyond.

The Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy (ATMAT®) incorporates a holistic approach to women’s wellness through the ancient Maya practice of abdominal massage. Addressing the position and health of the pelvic and abdominal organs, Arvigo® massage helps to improve the functioning of the vital flow of energy, blood, lymph and nerve supply to these areas.

ATMAT® Massage for conscious conception

Just the thought of getting pregnant can stir up all sorts of emotions regardless of whether conception is planned or not.
It is equally important to take care of your physical body as it is your emotional and spiritual bodies.

Regular Arvigo® massage helps to:

  • enhance optimal function of all reproductive organs
  • optimises the position of the uterus for successful conception
  • promote hormonal balance via the feedback loop between
    reproductive organs and the endocrine (hormonal) system
  • enhance proper alignment of the pelvis and sacrum for nerve supply to the abdomen and hormonal loop
  • increase blood circulation to the reproductive organs
  • reduce inflammation and congestion in the pelvic cavity
  • cleanse the uterus of old blood
  • support the liver and removal of toxins
  • calm the emotions
  • reduce stress
  • provide relaxation
  • support IUI or IVF journey

ATMAT® Massage during pregnancy – (after 12 weeks)

Pregnancy brings profound changes to most women’s lives; physically, emotionally and spiritually and so it is very important for a women to take time out to support herself and her baby.

Regular Arvigo® massage helps to:

  • relieve the common pregnancy symptoms including: nausea, heartburn, reflux, constipation, fatigue, ligament pain,
  • improve lymphatic circulation
  • normalise blood pressure
  • improve digestion and assimilation of food and nutrition
  • strengthen uterine ligaments and decrease ligament pain
  • enhance optimal function of all reproductive organs
  • maintain healthy blood flow to growing baby
  • enhance nerve supply from sacrum for feedback loop during labour/uterine contractions
  • improve optimal foetal position for labouring and birth

ATMAT® Massage post birth – (not before 6 weeks postpartum)

The postpartum period is a time of huge adjustments, not only to a new mother, but to the family. Hormones are fluctuating, sleep is scarce and emotions run high and low. Depending on whether baby was a vaginal or cesarean delivery will also affect a new Mum.

Arvigo® massage helps to:

  • improve healing of sore muscles after delivery and diastasis recti (abdominal separation)
  • optimal recovery, especially after cesarean birth
  • realign proper position of uterus for ease of future menstruation
  • assist optimal functioning of digestive and elimination organs and systems
  • support fluctuating emotions as a new Mum
  • balance hormones through feedback loop
  • relax and restore sense of connection to the uterus (especially after birthing trauma)

Arvigo® Therapy may help reduce some of the stress and anxiety that you may experience when you’re trying to conceive and relieve some of the common ‘complaints’ during pregnancy.

It aims to create a more harmonious environment that can help enable a healthy conception, pregnancy and future.



Words: Linda Barripp

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