You First – the difference between selfcare and selfish

Upon any flight, we all hear the safety drill … put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping others and children with their own, and yet when it comes to day to day life we often forget this lifeline advice. In the AHARA HEALTH clinic this week I have been hearing from clients (and practitioners alike) that we can’t rest, can’t relax, can’t recover from that cold as we have so much to do, places to be and people to help.

As women, men, mothers, fathers, practitioners, grandparents… and well, humans, we tend to have a dirty little habit – putting everything and everyone ahead of ourselves – and here I am saying (and hoping you pay attention);

There is a big difference between selfish and selfcare…

There is such strength and power in the ability to say no, to schedule time into your day for you, to sip that delicious herbal tea and unwind or to walk along the beach and ignore emails and phone calls for 30 minutes. It might sound like a simple and unachievable luxury but here is the reality – by helping ourselves first, we have the energy and ability to help those around us.

Busy and Successful are two very different beasts

Think back to this oh so common situation… you bump into a friend in the street, after a quick hug they ask “so how are you?” to which you reply “oh you know, busy”.

Today we use the word busy as a way to demonstrate a level of success .. in that, if you are not busy then you must be doing something wrong – and yet this could not be further from the truth. The reality is we all have 1440 minutes in a day, this number can not change however how we use those minutes to organise, plan and allocate some for self-care that we are successful.

So here is your homework for the week… do not say the word busy, not even once AND to take 10 minutes each day for you – because when it comes to health its time to put you first.

Health and Happiness,
Alyce x

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