Beating those nasty sugar cravings

I know it’s not the first time hearing this, but added sugars simply do not benefit our health! Even though processed sugar can be cleverly disguised and often consumed without intention, sometimes we have those cravings that nothing but a chocolate brownie will fix.

I do have a few tips and tricks to pull out in case of an emergency:

1. Balance blood glucose levels: blood glucose levels naturally rise and call thought out the day, the secret is to prevent them dropping so low that the body starts to crave sugar/glucose to bring them back up. Balancing blood glucose levels can be very simple, eating a small portion of protein with each meal such as nuts and seeds, a boiled egg, fish or meat can do wonders! Eating every 3 hours, something small can also do the trick.

2. Have something sweet, just the right kind if sweet. If afternoons are your weak spot, be prepared – have a stash of herbal teas ready to go: chai and honey bush, cinnamon, licorice, chamomile all tantalise taste buds without the sugar hight.

3. Plan ahead: your handbag and backpack is more than a thing to hold your wallet and keys, fill it to have ready in case of emergency – no one likes a hangry friend. I like to have a couple protein balls, mixed nuts or a piece of fruit at the ready.

4. Make it at home: if there is one thing you can do to benefit your health, it’s to make it at home. There is no aspartamine, 695, 734 or 452 in your pantry just delicious wholefood ingredients!

5. Head to bed and watch the stress: lack of sleep, poor quality sleep, high stress, adrenal fatigue, deadlines yep we all have them and yep they all cry for sugar. Listen to your body, if it’s screaming for sugar ask why and what you can do to support it better.

I can’t remember where I read it but it stuck with me “when making your food choice, stop and think – how will this benefit my body? Why do I want to eat this?

Alyce x

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