Sauerkraut Love

Sauerkraut is the easiest way to start fermenting at home. Jam packed full of nutrients, sauerkraut supports digestive health, improve immunity, increase energy and have you glowing inside and out.

Here are a few of my tips:

– avoid using metal and stainless steal; this can interfere with the fermenting process. It is fine to use your knife.
– make extra – its so delicious you will want more


1 large glass or ceramic bowl Sterilized 1L glass jar with leaver – airtight (avoid metal lids)


1 whole organic cabbage macrobiotic sea salt OR pink Himalayan sea salt


1. Discard the outer leaves of the cabbage.
2. Remove 2 large cabbage leaves and set aside.
3. Thinly slice the whole cabbage and place into a large bowl. Sprinkle with macrobiotic salt, you will need about 2 tablespoons, but this depends on the size of your cabbage.
4. Cover the bowl and let sit for 5 – 10 mins. Once rested, use your hands to massage the salted cabbage. You will notice the cabbage softens and starts to produce a liquid – this is perfect. At this point you can add in some herbs. 5. Push the mixture into the sterilized glass jar. Roll up the large cabbage leaves, which have been set aside and put into the top of the jar.
6. Place your sauerkraut into a warm dark place for at least a week, to ferment and then into the fridge to be enjoyed.

Delicious add ins:
1⁄2 red cabbage
– curly kale leaves
– turmeric
– fennel seeds
– dill
– spirulina 


* copy right to alyce cimino dandelion lane natural health

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