Coconut Body Scrub

The human body’s biggest organ, is our skin. It needs to be nourished and loved so that we can glow that healthy glow. Frequent exfoliating and moisturising  will help your skin to be nourished and renewed.

This recipe can last a week or so, so mix some up and store it in an airtight glass jar for when you are ready – just be careful this recipe can be very slippery especially when you add water – to hold on to something so you don’t fall over.

All you need:
1 cup of raw brown sugar
1 cup of fine fair trade ground coffee
½ cup of coconut oil / olive oil
a pinch of cinnamon

– mix all the ingredients together and place into a glass jar

How to use:
1. Wet the skin with warm water
2. Whilst sitting down in the shower/bathroom, start at your feet and move the scrub in small circular motions moving up towards the heart – this will get your blood flowing and toxins moving so that the heart can take them where they need to go to be eliminated.
3. Continue up on to your tummy and then start on your arms, again moving towards the heart.
4. Once your covered in the scrub, you can wash off in warm water – this is the very slippery part – be very very careful not to slip over and hurt your self.
5. Once you are out of the shower, pop on some warm clothes and nourish yourself with a warm cup of tea.

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