Smoothies & Drinks

Afternoon Turmeric Chai

Since our trip to India I have been enjoying a chai several times a day (I am powering through almond mylk!) but I thought it was time for a twist! I love golden Mylk and I love chai so it’s only natural I would love both combined .. Rob even […]

The Alkaliser

You know those days… you feeling a little bit blah, your missing your normal sparkle and just want a little bit more oomph? thats when I know its time for my green juice. I freaking love green body just cant get enough of them! kale, spinach, pineapple, mint, cucumber, […]


Some days just call for a little indulgence – Fridays for me is often that day! After a long week of traveling in and out to work, busy days and herbal formulations it’s nice to spoil my self with a little healthy indulgence. The key to indulgence is picking foods […]

Berry Burst Smoothie

Sometimes we just need a little bit of extra love in disguise of a smoothie! My Berry Burst Smoothie hits all the spots! This recipe takes no more than 5 mins to make and will keep you full and satisfied all morning long! Recipe is: Gluten free, Grain free, Dairy […]

A Citrus Bang

I love fresh vegetable juices, a fantastic way to boost your nutrient intake, enjoy a variety of vegetables and give your digestive system a little break. This juice is very alkalising and supporting for the digestive system. The strong bang of lemon will help to increase digestive acids allowing you […]

Kombucha Cocktail

I LOVE Kombucha, well I love anything fermented but Kombucha would have to be top of the list. All you need to make the Kombucha is filtered water, organic black tea, sugar and a SCOBY. Your SCOBY (AKA Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast) is what turns your tea to Kombucha! […]