Healthy Treats

Super Berry Tart

When I first started studying to be a Naturopath, I can honestly say I was a little addicted to raw desserts – But let’s be honest, lots of cashews in the shape of a cake, whats not to love?! Raw desserts are often perceived as healthy, but the key is […]

Raw Fig Tart

Growing up in a large Italian family, food is everything. Food is always the centre of celebrations, we discuss and dispute around it, we share it, gift it, cook it and love it. I am grateful that my gorgeous Nonna has the best green thumb I have ever known and […]

Sweet Potato Hummus

This recipe should really be titled ‘Rob’s sweet potato hummus’ he wanted to use the many sweet potatoes we bought from the farmers markets and was in need for something as a little snack to take to work. What I loved about this recipe was how delicious it was! This […]

Strawberries and Cream Nice Cream

  Dairy free? Fun day at the beach? wanting an ice cream? No problem! This dairy free nicecream takes only a couple minutes to make and then you get to enjoy straight away or pop into the freezer for another day (or to serve later in the day). This recipe is […]

Thyme Infused Sheeps Labnah

I have a confession, I love cheese! Since finding out I am Casein Intolerant I need to be a little bit more creative when developing meals. It was pure coincidence that brought me to create this recipe, an almost expired 1kg of Meredith’s Sheep Yoghurt (green lid) in my fridge […]

Raw Walnut Fudge

These little fudge bites are a DELICIOUS afternoon snack! Perfect for an after-school treat, or to curb those 3:30itis sugar cravings. You can find out more about how to curb those 3.3o sugar cravings Walnuts are packed FULL of good fats, important for healthy brain development – If we look […]